Quality Assurance

Aquila packaging ensures our customers can be confident of the entire production and distribution process. All manufacturing sites are subject to strict quality control procedures and are regularly monitored and managed.

International Quality benchmarks

Aquila Packaging Products whether manufactured locally or sourced from offshore are benchmarked to a variety of International Quality Standards including certification to ISO9000, ISO14000 and ISO22000 standards and SGS

International Food Safety Benchmarks

Aquila Packaging and its manufacturing suppliers in Asia use FDA approved resin for manufacturing its products. All suppliers are required to submit FDA certification documentation for all materials used.

Aquila Packaging Quality Assurance Programme

Aquila Packaging maintains a quality assurance program with local and offshore suppliers with quality control procedures that include...

  • Manufacturing site audits
  • Detailed product and quality specifications
  • Product testing procedures
  • Product quality control reviews
  • Sample checks prior to shipping